PART II: the cake gallery

It wasn't really until college that I actually tried decorating my own cakes but once I started, there was no turning back. I started my 'Cake Gallery' Facebook album in 2005 and it now contains over 500 photos of 100+ individual cakes for friends and family members. They are visual memories of my trials and tribulations in decorating without a single repeat cake.

Somehow I managed to seamlessly integrate my cake decorating into the perpetual stress and time demands of architecture school for 5 years. Some all-nighters consisted of running from my laptop to the oven and back again, but birthday celebrations and school deadlines held equal weight in my mind. There were also a few instances where multiple cakes were attempted at once - most commonly in May when I would try to pre-celebrate upcoming summer birthdays when we wouldn't be on campus together.

To this day, you will still find me re-arranging my schedule and commitments to bake (and possibly transport or ship) a cake for a hungry loved one.

  • click here to see the Cake Gallery in its entirety
  • here for the streamlined version at Flickr

or the links below for the full stories:

you wreck me baby (bruce springsteen wrecking ball cake)
pizza delivery (pizza cake)
par for the course (golf cake)
ice ice baby (icelandic glacier cake)
cake in a jar (seattle cake in a jar)
a masterpiece classic (downtown abbey cake)
i could be your hero baby (spicy hero sandwich cake)
bringin' down the burger house (cheeseburger cake)
panty cake, panty cake, ravens man (victoria secret underwear cake)

'ikea on a saturday?' (ikea manstad sofa cake)
written on the subway walls (terra cotta subway cake)
burger buns + nerdy puns (burger cupcakes, xkcd cupcakes)
miss independent (fourth of july cake)
i want to turn this whole thing upside down (sangria upside down cake)
catwoman (cat cake)
pattycakes (pumpkin maple pecan cake)
seeing "red" (kickboxing glove cake)
running to stand still (marathon jersey cake)
it's time for cotterfest (guitar pick cupakes)
crack open an arnold palmer (arnold palmer cake)

i bless the rains down in africa (africa cake)
meals on wheels (roller skate cake)
fishcakes (filet o' fish cake)
this cake will make you smarter (albert einstein cake)
ga-ga, ooh-la-la (lady gaga bad romance cake)
made in china (chinese mini cupcakes)    

so i blame it on the cuervo (jose cuervo tequila cake)
star light, star bright (constellation cupcakes)
cake + architecture, finally (the guggenheim!)
it's my birthday too, yeah (sushi roll cakes for me!)
summer leftovers (red pick-up truck cake, seal cake)
fashion knock-offs (plaid flannel shirt cake, ugly sweater cake)
can i graduate? (graduation tier cake)
july, july! (mushroom cake, yellow lab cake)
special weekend update (squirrel cake, concave chest cake)

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