PART I: the cake chateau

This blog actually began in the summer of 2009 when I was lucky enough to land a summer job (herein known as 'the apprenticeship') with Joan (herein known as 'the master') at her Cake Chateau in upstate New York. Words can't even explain the creative growth and technical skill I gained that summer (ok, maybe that's not true). I learned the correct way to shape, prep, and beautify cakes into works of art that would hopefully fall somewhere between Cake Wrecks and Ace of Cakes, without managing to hit either extreme.
  • click here to see the gallery of (successful) cakes from my summer at the shop
  • here to read about the firsts
  • here to see the top skills learned
  • here for the best + worst of the summer
  • here to see my on-going battle with arch-nemesis, Tinkerbell

or the links below for the full stories:

may 2009
first day at the chateau (fondant heart cupcake toppers)
p-p-p-pokerface (poker table cake)
"luke, I am your mis-shapen, slightly overweight father's torso..." ('darth vader' cake)
pink, it's my favorite crayon (hot pink cupcakes, tinkerbell cake #1, sweet 16 tier cake)

june 2009
this is the cake that never ends (backhoe cake)
deja vu day (backhoe cake, tinkerbell cake #2, anime cake)
no photo, no photo! (no photos)
saturday sundae (spongebob cake, guitar cake, sundae cake)
10 lessons learned (sugar cookies)
time is a luxury we don't have! (minnie and mickey cakes, jersey cake)
heat of the moment (stanley cup cake)
incompletely productive (golfer cake)
man you oughta finish what you've started (champagne bottle cake, graduation books)
everybody's working for the weekend (castle cake, golfer cake, wedding cake)
too much candy gonna rot your soul (pirate cake)
abc all you gotta do is repeat after me (alphabet block cake)
freakin' fondant friday (alphabet block cake, again)
i don't give a damn bout my reputation (yankees cake, army cake)

july 2009
out-of-proportion and wide-eyed and disfigured is he! (spongebob cake)
piggin' out (roast pig cake, golf bag cake)
who can it be now (winnie the pooh cake)
another day, another Tink, another one bites the dust (tinkerbell cake)
fruitcakes (luau, watermelon, pineapple cakes, wedding cake)
takin' care of business (dragon cakes, doctor lab coat cake)

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