Sunday, March 4, 2012

"IKEA on a Saturday?"

What's more fun than assembling an IKEA sofa bed? Why, assembling an IKEA sofa bed CAKE of course!

In October I had assisted Danielle and Aaron in putting together their newly-purchased MÃ…NSTAD corner sofa-bed with storage and fun was had by all involved (the best perk is that I earned the right to sleep on that thing whenever I stay the night). So for Danielle's birthday, it was only fitting to have her cake illustrate the love/hate relationship with the beloved/dreaded sofa bed.

To me, the cakeboard is almost as important as the cake itself, so the scrapbooker inside of me went with a woodgrain for the flooring underneath the sofa:

Then I followed IKEA's wordlessly-yet-beautifully-diagrammed step-by-step instructions and it came out perfectly!


(But really, I baked the cake in a loaf pan, flipped it upside-down, cut off the end and used the excess to shape the bedframe, arms, and back. Then used frosting-coated cardboard pieces for the cushions.)

So it may not have the same underbed storage capabilities as the real thing, but I'm going to say this cake is more delicious and definitely ready-to-eat.

Happy Birthday Danielle!

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