Friday, March 9, 2012

ice ice baby

My friend Dijana and I took a whirlwind trip to Iceland last month - Northern Lights were spotted, snow-covered mountains were photographed, and most importantly - glaciers were walked upon. For an afternoon excursion, we got to strap on some crampons and actually walk on layers of blue ice that were thousands of years old. (click here for some pictures and here to learn some interesting facts about glaciers)

Anyways, fast forward to this month and Dijana's birthday which could only call for a glacier cake.

I had some of our own photos to go on, of course:

We learned a lot about the glacial formation process from our tour guide, but I also did my Google Image (re)Search in order to get the visuals right:

I baked a chocolate cake (w/ a gooey fudge mix-in), roughed it up a bit with a knife while it was cooling, and then re-shaped with icing and cake crumbs to create some peaks and crevasses.

For the blue ice of the actual glacier, I made a watery royal icing (powdered sugar + water + blue food coloring + corn syrup) so that it formed an ooze which I could pour on cake, and it would run down the slope and harden when I put it in the freezer ... like a glacier.

Now for the real icing on the cake, I used white buttercream frosting, sifted powdered sugar for snow, and crushed sugar cubes around the edges for chunks of ice.

Final steps - added one of my sky photos as a background and a mini Dijana 'paper doll' and we have a panorama diorama:

Dijana on a real glacier:

Dijana on a glacier cake:

Happy birthday Dijana!

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