Sunday, March 4, 2012

bringin' down the (burger) house

Sending cakes has become a bit of a thing for me lately, and it's a quite challenge to think of something which can arrive unscathed via the postal system. My co-worker Jay moved back to Pittsburgh last month, but not before discovering a great burger joint near our office called the Burger House. Sounds like the makings of pretty good birthday cake to me...

I had done cupcake versions a few months prior:

But it was time to get super-sized:

I used 6" round yellow cakes for the top and bottom buns, and a 6" chocolate cake for the meat patty (used a fork for the grill marks this time):

Then, I put my frosting skills to the test for the cheese, tomato, and lettuce:

Everything seems to be going really well, so why not grill the buns and add the special 'house sauce'?

Now that all the layers are in place, the only thing left to do is put it all together:


Oh yeah, and I'd like to make that a Value Meal:

and it arrived in Pittsburgh in one piece!

 Happy Birthday Jay!

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