Sunday, September 11, 2011

burger buns + nerdy puns

In the past few months, I've found myself leaning more towards making cupcakes than I have in the past. They're a bit easier to transport and they're especially easier to divvy up when celebrating in a public place (aka you don't have to ask the bartender for a knife). So whether they are just mini versions of a whole cake or each develops into its own personality, cupcakes are a different way of thinking and working. So it was fun to come up with these:

They're cupcakes for Grace's and Potter's birthdays along the themes of 1) good old-fashioned cheeseburgers and 2) xkcd. When you Google Image search for burger cupcakes, you get these - which I think are genius and adorable. But, with the guidance of Sarah (the birthday boy's fiance and birthday girl's best friend), I went for the layer-by-layer approach:

Secondly, another set featuring the stick figures of supernerdy web comic series xkcd.

Many of the comics involve characters sitting at their computers:

or waiting for their code to compile:

or even, trying science:

Happy birthday Grace + Potter!

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