Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Threadcakes '11: Revenge of the Nerds

There are nerdy cupcakes (and some incredible ones at that). And then there are NERD cupcakes.

It's that time of the year again: Threadcakes 2011.

Threadcakes is the beautiful marriage of Threadless shirt designs and cake decorating, and I submitted two entries to the competition in 2009 (Alphabet Zoo, A City Built on Rock 'n Roll). This year, I chose to go with the bespectacled Know Your Nerds design, which is meant to inform and educate the general public on the various types of nerds among us (complete with nerdy power bar statistics):

The design just screams "cupcakes!" so that's what I did - 9 painstakingly-crafted nerd cupcakes, lovingly placed on a black nerd board. I bought 1/2" thick black foamcore for the background and a silver paint pen for writing the most important text from the design (skimped on the other details for the sake of time and my sanity). Also thought to draw in little cupcake placeholders so the Nerds would perfectly positioned when the time was right.

Next step was to turn on the oven, despite the sweltering summer heat in our apartment, and bake those cupcakes.

These would be served at our house-warming party, so I ended up making two flavors - Vanilla/Mango/Coconut Milk cupcakes in the yellow and red liners, and Mexican Chocolate cupcakes in the black liners (for the Nerd Board). (recipes to follow soon).

 On your mark...
... get set ...

The decoration is all buttercream frosting - the faces were outlined in frosting, filled with frosting, and hot-knifed smooth; the various hairstyles were also outlined/filled/hot-knifed; the glasses were the most difficult due to their delicate nature (#1/#2 tips!) and the fact that they were meant to be symmetrical - in an ideal world.

I could have done the skin and hair layers in fondant or gumpaste, and they definitely would have been more precise. But, I'm a frosting girl all the way and shy away from fondant because I'm not fondant of the taste, and I've learned to do some pretty cool things with frosting in my years.

So there you have it:

Bonus: and now you know your nerds! (almost as helpful as your ABC's)

And finally, proof that no one can resist the power of a nerd:

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