Monday, June 13, 2011


Sometimes cakes are hard to cut. Perhaps physically, but I'm talking more mentally here. People have slaved over their planning, creation, and decoration, and some seem far too elegant, decadent, or totally awesome to imagine dismantling in a matter of seconds. However, cakes are meant to be devoured and enjoyed, so in the end most make the cut.

Cutting into a beautiful cake is one thing. Cutting into realistic recreations of living creatures is quite another.

Usually creating a cake that looks identical to the real thing will score you major Brownie points. But there's just something sadistic about taking a knife to babies, animals, and other living creatures. See what I mean?

Despite all of this, I decided to forge ahead with my cat cake for Meg's birthday. Started with a simple rectangular plan cake and rounded off the edges (do not eat scraps):

Repurpose corner scraps as ears and various facial features, and crumb coat the pieces the pieces together with a layer of icing. I did the top icing basically by "painting" on different colors with a spatula (with 2-3 bowls of frosting ranging from white to dark brown as my paint palette), smoothing it together, and finally running a toothpick over the whole surface to create the texture of cat fur (hair? Fur.)

Now, this isn't just any generic Google Image Search cat or even an LOLcat. Nope, this is an actual likeness of one of Meg's cats (either Neville or Sawyer - not sure which one) making this actual facial expression, as discovered via pre-birthday Facebook stalking. See below for reference:


Whiskers out of fishing line are the finishing touch. In the end, it's very reminiscent of Morgan's seal cake from 2 years ago - whiskers, nose + nostrils, and general adorability.

No pictures of the cake being cut (though it did seem just like a high school feline dissection), so here is the celebration of birth and life instead:

Happy Birthday Meg!

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