Monday, April 18, 2011

oh em gee kids - mini tier cake pans!

Well I haven't been following much in the world of cakes until recently, but some news that caught my attention -

Ace of Cakes has ended its series run, after 10 seasons. I credit them (Charm City Cakes) as a major player in revolutionizing the cake decorating industry, mostly by creating the "genre of cake television" almost 5 years ago. In other news, they are expanding out to the West Coast and are also offering more practical and un-customizable "Cakes for Two" for customers are not looking to plan so far in advance, dip into life savings, or feed a small army with one of their signature masterpieces. I think their options still show how much fun you can have with simple round cakes:

Like round cakes, tier cakes are also a simple idea which can lead to beautiful things. However, there is the internal skeleton to consider, wonky or not. My friend forwarded this link and I think these pans are perfect for getting the overall effect - no assembly required. And in theory, like cupcakes, they're perfectly-sized individualized portions. However, like cupcakes, whatever time you save by not having to assemble a larger tier cake, you probably more than triple or quadruple make up for in decorating the surface of each individual cake.

Needless to say, I purchased the pan within 2 minutes of receiving her email and am looking forward to test out my decorating skills, with a  #1 tip of course.

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