Thursday, April 28, 2011

meals on wheels

This next one is an example of why I lovingly call my cakes ghetto (meaning ad-hoc, makeshift, improvised) - one step above amateur and ten steps below professional. Semi-professional, if you will.

Chelsea was having an 80s birthday party at Secrets roller rink so I knew I wanted to do a big roller skate cake. But 2D or not 2D? (That was the question) (So lame, I know, but baby I was born this way). The reasonable part of me knew a flat roller skate would be easier to transport. But the cake apprentice in me knew I could do better than that. (Note: this was never an option and this was just never possible). So this is what happened:

 A 3D hightop sneaker?

Ohhh, or a roller skate (why yes, those are egg carton wheels) resting on top of a flat cake, inspired by La Roux's Bulletproof music video and the 1980s in general.

Can you guess why I did this?

A) It increases the surface area of the cake in relation to the groundplane, creating a more even load distribution, and therefore a more structurally stable building cake. (thank you architecture school)

B) It feeds more people.

C) You weren't really sure what you were doing / it's ghetto.

Unfortunately no process pictures as I was probably too excited listening to 80s music or getting dressed in our awesomely 80s garb. But here are some fun final photos!

Happy birthday Chelsea!

Answer: D. All of the above.

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