Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ga-ga, ooh-la-la

Disclaimer: in order to fully appreciate the following cake, you should familiarize yourself with Lady Gaga and her 'Bad Romance' music video here, if you are not already in the know.

With Diehl's birthday coming up in February and considering his fascination with Lady Gaga, I knew that would be the concept of his cake. Even more suitable was the imagery and dance sequence from the Bad Romance video, which you will find around the 1:27 mark. I'll actually start off with the finished cake:
Now to back-track for the process - I wanted to make a tall round cake which would give me plenty of surface on the side to draw on. So I baked 4 x 8" cakes, cut off the tops in preparation of stacking, and assembled [cakes held together by chocolate icing and a layer of cardboard + straws in the middle].
I planned to [attempt to] draw out some of the signature dance moves on the side. Since the figures are dressed in white, I iced [+ hotknifed] the cake in a gray-black gradient. Overall inspiration from the video:
But before I get to that, I had to get Gaga herself on the top of the cake, so going from a screen capture from the video, to a hand-sketch, to icing is tricky but:

Now onto the more difficult part, attempting to draw out the dance. I watched the video over and over, trying to pause at all the major moves to get a screen cap. Then I sketched out each to scale and attempted to draw it out in icing on the sides of the cake. [The key word through all of this is 'attempt']. Anyways, here are the 6 best steps from the video and their edible counterparts:
Time for some final touches, such as the MONSTER 'coffins' and 'Bath Haus' sign:
One final look:
Happy birthday Diehl!

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