Friday, November 20, 2009

so I blame it on the Cuervo...

... and next up: Monica, our little tequila girl ;)

This was a lot of fun and similar to the champagne bottle from over the summer. The cake is sort of tequila sunrise-flavored, starting with white cake mix and adding OJ, homemade "grenadine" (reduced pomegranate juice), and tequila, and the frosting is lime-tequila-flavored. I could have added food coloring to the cake so it actually looked like the drink, but that can be for version 2.0.

Anyways, baked a cake in the bread loaf pan (yes the edges are dark and crisp and the center is uncooked) for the basic tequila bottle shape, baked more cake to carve for the top neck of the bottle:
All the messy stuff that cake makers don't want to you know is underneath: assemble, crumb coat, and frost:
I really wanted the top to shine like the glass bottle, so I mixed corn syrup with some of the yellow icing and glazed the top - got the look, but wayyyy too sugar-y sweet for my taste.
Time to add the details and label:
and the birthday girl trying to have her cake and drink it too:
Happy birthday Monica!

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