Saturday, October 3, 2009

summer leftovers

a few cakes for friends that never got posted this summer. First up, James was off to join the army so like his long-lost red pickup truck - "Gone but not forgotten."

And for Morgan, working at Mystic Aquarium to save the seals. All frosting for the fur, painted balls of fondant for the eyes, and fishline for the "whiskers."


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I'm looking at the cakes you made and they are AMAZING. This one is so realistic looking in the picture it is border line disturbing. Seal head cake!

    Apologies for stalking you, the photo blog you posted on facebook looked interesting, but being generally hungry I gravitated towards your cake blog. Very cool.

    Take care!
    Emily H.

  2. aww thanks Em (I just saw this comment) - I think the cake blog will always be my favorite too! also, stalking is pretty much human nature.