Saturday, October 3, 2009

it's my birthday too, yeah

and of course August brings my birthday as well. First off, the "cheese"-cake platter (+ clown heads) from my family - don't ask.
and then my amazing friends assembled a sushi platter of cake and sugary goodness, in honor of my newly-discovered love of sushi this summer.

The rolls are cupcakes stuck together with icing and skewers, coated in chocolate icing and rolled in crushed Oreos for the seaweed wrap look. All the fillin's are diced Swedish fish and gummy candies, more Swedish fish for sashimi on the side, breadstick chopsticks, melted jelly beans for wasabi, and sour gummy rolls for ginger on the side... SO AWESOME!


  1. ha a very sweet sushi indeed. happy birthday :)

  2. If you're ever looking for some awesome sushi when you're home, you should check out Kabuki in Wakefield.. they just opened last school year and they are AWESOME! And even better, every night they run a happy hour from 9-close with $4 rolls and $4 cocktails.. excellentttt

  3. wow this is perfect! so creative! I remember when you had your first sushi..... :)