Sunday, August 9, 2009

your love is like bad medicine

Critical first task of the day: dinosaur surgery [dinosaurgery anybody?] - stat. The head had had too much icing and split the cupcake so I replaced the broken one, quick cover of icing, and re-decorated the head. I did this superfast and the customer came in as I was finishing it up, so only time for one quick picture. He has a little bit of an underbite, though definitely not as much as this guy.
After that was done, Joan was just finishing up various wedding and small birthday cakes so I actually got a headstart on my fondant pills for a pharmacy school graduation cupcake + cake order for next Saturday. They'll be frosted in white so the pills should be colorful so they pop, so to speak. I reach into the magical tub of random fondant scraps...
... and 3 hours later ...

I figured these would take awhile, and considering the amount of time to produce what's shown above, it's good I got them out of the way before next week. I just went with the colors I had, mixed a few new ones, and began pinching, rolling, and squishing to get all sorts of shapes and sizes. This actually made for a really funny afternoon in the shop because as I've said, we watch the Hallmark Channel at the cake chateau and of course they play infomercials aimed at their biggest demographic: the older crowd [allegedly median age of 60], most of which are probably suffering from something for which a prescription can be prescribed. The point is, half of the ads they play are for some form of medication or treatment and I've come to wonder, "how do they come up with some of these names?" Prescription drugs have generic names based on their chemical makeup, but they may also have trade names for marketing purposes [branding]. However, over the weeks I've figured out their formula: take 2 key words that have to do with the disease or condition [bonus if one of them sounds positive], shorten each, then combine the two. Descriptive and catchy.

Miralax? MIRAcle + LAXative. Prevacid? PREVent heartburn & ACID reflux disease. Skelaxin? SKin rELAXIN' [it's a muscle relaxant]. Flomax? Get your FLOw to the MAX [male urinary] And ABILIFY just sounds like it gives you the power to accomplish anything [also makes me think of "Stupefy!"]. Others take some guesswork or are just a plain stretch. Plavix could be to VIX [like fix] "PLAque" in the arteries? Tamiflu, don't become conTAMInated with the FLU?

Anyways, so while I'm making all these pills and these commercials keep coming on the television [my back is to the screen], Joan goes, "Oh look! There's one!" "Make that one!" So I would turn around quickly to glimpse the prescription drug and possibly use it as inspiration for the next batch.

Starting off with some more recognizable ones:

Maybe some Motrin for that pain relief?
or a Advil liqui-gel capsule instead?
or can I interest you in a jelly bean?
or would you prefer an orange Tic-Tac?
or just stick with your stereotypical two-tone capsule?
and then I just kept going...
I will need 2-3 pills for each cupcake and more for the border on the cake so I have 11 types for now, but I'll probably make a few more next week to make sure I have enough. Even with this headstart, it looks like it will actually be an eventful and busy final week at the shop next week.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved your medicine name analysis....what a riot. And your pills look great! Can't wait to see the final thing.