Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you go back, jack, do it again

Almost all repeat cakes for me this week. This is good because, in theory, they'll go faster since I've already worked through them once. We'll see how that goes. Mostly prep work today to decorate later on in the week.

First up, all the pieces for the making of ...
can you guess?
eh not fair really, but it's another T-Rex, but for more servings than the last one so we add another round cake as a base. Maybe I'll try a different color this time...

Next up, another roast pig. Last time, I just had one big sheet cake to make everything. This time, Joan was clever enough to think of the Wonder pan for the head so this one came together much quicker and cleaner.
... well, relatively cleaner...
I also have another golf bag to do, but the cake was just baked this morning and therefore was too warm to prep, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Final cake of the day was another guitar. I've done a big electric one, a mini Hannah Montana one, and today's was modeled after the birthday boy's actual guitar. Or at least the color - burnt orange [gosh, I love that color, wonder why? haha] His mom specified only the color, nothing about the style, so I looked through Joan's handy "music" image folder and picked an easy style to copy from the Guitar Center catalog I found.
The cake is relatively simple: I use a pattern to help cut the base, use a strip off the side for the neck, color it all, add details and frets. Then I use clear piping gel for the "strings" and just icing-covered posterboard for the pegs.
Not the most realistic thing in the world, but hey, it's just cake, alright?
It's such a big cake board for not-too-much cake so I filled the empty space with some music motifs in icing. Voila!
The rest of the week will be finishing up my prepped cakes, possibly a few quick ones for birthdays, and of course some weddings. Also, I'm doing a quick surprise cake for Danielle, another girl who helps in the shop once a week - she is spending the fall semester studying / working in Williamsburg, VA so tomorrow is her last day and her birthday was last week.

And another awesome [but potentially monotonous] project for me next week will be making hundreds of fondant pills. Today I met with a girl who just graduated from pharmacy school and ordered a cake + cupcakes for her party. They'll be frosted in white and then covered with pills of various shapes and colors. Such a cute idea, it'll be fun to see it all put together, and one of my last projects for the summer - finishing up next Saturday!

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  1. Nooo, I can't believe the Cake Blog will be drawing to a close so soon! On the plus side, I suppose that does mean we get to all be back in Troy together and see everyone.

    Love the clear gel for the guitar strings, so cool. And I can't wait to see all those pharmacy pills!