Saturday, August 15, 2009

welcome to the world

So many good cakes today, where to begin? We'll start with a show-and-tell of what Joan did after I left the shop yesterday afternoon, she must have been there pretty long afterwards. First up, a topsy-turvy Sweet 16 cake from a sketch by the birthday girl herself [and these tiered fondant cakes take forever]:
THEN, she did the 120+ cupcakes for the country club. LOVE them - all the fondant toppers on the bright green "grass" [you pipe icing with this tip], they will be such a hit:
Now for my cakes. First, did some quick Bakugan symbols to complete the cupcakes to go with this cake.

Then back to my stegosaurus cake. Pulled it out from the back, colored it up, then decided that its cupcake head was just too big and bulky, especially since stegosauruses are known for having small heads and brains the size of a walnut.
So cut that off [I had yet another headless dino torso on my hands] and downsized it to just a dowel covered in icing.
And the overall finished:

Next was helping Joan with a wedding cake - it is 4 square tiers and the bride wanted each tier to be an icing interpretation of the beadwork on her gown [also in tiers]. Such a cool idea and she gave us pictures of her dress, which was very beautiful and elegant, so I translated the beadwork into linework and etched it on the cake with a skewer so Joan could pipe it right on in icing. Unfortunately I became so busy with my next few projects that I didn't get a picture of it before it went out to be delivered, but it was a beautiful cake.

Finally came the time to do the pill order so I boxed up the 60 cupcakes, frosted white, and started by placing 2 pills on each. I had made a whole trayful of fondant pills last week but never really counted how many there were so I didn't know how far they would go, especially since I needed to reserve some for the 8" cake as well.
In the end, each cupcake got 4-5 pills so they look really fun, and here's the cake to go with it. I removed the fondant pill bottle from the salt shaker and spice cap, they cracked a little in the process so had to perform some reconstructive surgery and I'll add it on top of the cake tomorrow:

FINALLY onto the masterpiece of the day and probably the summer - yes this is probably my favorite cake of the whole experience. The event is a wedding reception cake for a couple [she's from NY, he's from Argentina] that got married in Peru and are celebrating with each of their families. The concept was to have a map showing North and South Americas, mark each of their origins, and where they got hitched with dotted lines and little airplane symbols. Joan was also very excited about this one, she told me to treat it as carefully as I would do for my own wedding cake. Ok then.

Started with a HUGE double layer and filled cake that I iced and hot-knifed [like the explosion cake the other day] so that you can the ocean-as-seen-from-space effect.
I had printed out scaled images of the Americas and used these as stencils to dot in the outlines.
Outlined and filled in with green. Between the small #2 icing tip and the outlines from my printouts, this thing is pretty accurate - much better than if I had attempted to draw it in.
Got 'em both filled in and I could have kept the cake just like this and been satisfied. Hotknifing gives it a nice 'landmass' look and it would be awesome to do a real topographic map in icing like this. But it didn't fit with this theme, so moving on...I did decide to outline the countries in the same green that I used to fill in the continents so it's subtle.
This is where things have the potential to go downhill and quickly, as I need to add in the 3 lcoations [Albany, Peru, Buenos Aires] and draw in the lines, but they didn't come out too badly:
And the final border:
In the morning, we'll add a big ribbon and paper American + Argentinian flags for the final touch.

Ok, got all of my Saturday cakes out of the way, so that clears my schedule for 3-5 wedding cakes tomorrow...