Thursday, August 13, 2009

oh em gee kids, it's mini-Wonder characters [with little red jackets]!

So you've seen the magic of the Wonder pan and all the characters it can create. But, if you just don't want quite that much cake [or want to spend quite that much money], you can buy miniature versions of your favorite cakes! But more on these in a minute...

It was a slightly cooler day so I tried to get a few cakes out of the way before it heats up again this weekend. First was to prep the dinosaur cake - the woman had said either stegosaurus or ankylosaurus - both pretty horizontal and spiky species.
A tough call, but I decided to stick with the original stegosaurus. Took the round cake, cut it in half, and iced the two halves together upright to form the body. Shaped the tail, head, and rear legs out of cupcakes and various cake scraps. I'll decorate and texture it tomorrow, shouldn't take too long.
Next up was a mini Mickey Mouse, fashioned from a mini-Wonder cake and a cupcake for the head. For a sense of scale, the cake board it's sitting on is only 6" in diameter and is only about 6" high, so this thing is teeny.
We've made the bigger version, though it was a source of stress for me because I was still learning the ropes, so I was hopeful this one would be a better experience. Even though it's half the size of the bigger one, it still takes almost as long to get through all the steps and details.
But in the end, totally cute!

Next up was doing all the parts for this Bakugan cake [Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an anime action adventure show]. Like the Hawaiian luau woman, this customer had all these ideas and wants this to be a centerpiece, albeit on smaller scale. She wanted something 3D, some cupcakes, and some more cake to account for all the little mouths she has to feed. The cupcakes were easy to settle on - we'll do a dozen, each with one of the symbols below. Today I rolled out fondant, cut out circles, I'll draw the symbols on tomorrow, and they'll go on top of the iced cupcakes. Note: my [semi-professional] advice to anyone who wants to work with black fondant - just buy some already pre-colored, it will save you time and energy from having to combine every color in the rainbow to make black from scratch.
Then, she didn't really want just a plain ol' sheet cake so I suggested starting with a sheet cake and making it look like a fire or explosion or something, and she really liked that. So cut, arranged, prepped, and got my colors ready:
So this is a technique that I started using with the icing - basically, mixing colors incompletely so when you spread it out, it has a cool gradient effect. Started this with the fish a few weeks ago and also did it on my rock and roll cake. In the picture on the left, it looks a bit like the burning bush - I mean autumn leaf - cake that Jenna and I made for her mom last fall, but once you hot-knife it smooth, it looks pretty awesome. A lot of people may use fondant to get this look, but it just goes to show what you can still do with icing.
The final component was a 3D version of Dan, one of the main characters. I prepped the mini Wonder and cupcake like I did with Mickey, got my structure ready in the base case, and got him aboard.
Then came time for detailing:
He, too, is wearing a little red jacket and poppin' his [cardboard] collar. I didn't want to give him cat eyes a la Dora so I made them a bit darker. Not perfect, but it's alright, now all that's missing is his feathery hair. To do his trademark hair, I filled a bag with brown icing and cut the tip like we do for the leaves on the frosting flowers. Because let's face it, that's exactly what his hair looks like.
Add some arms and some trim and he's done:
So tomorrow I'll finish the cupcakes for this order and box them up. There's plenty of room left on the cakeboard so she can arrange the cupcakes on there to complete her party centerpiece. I also have the map, dino, and pharmacy orders to finish up as my apprenticeship is drawing to a close...


  1. LOVE the title! And I can't believe how tiny those guys are, zomg!

    It's also amusing to me that any character made with the wonder pan is automatically chubby, hehe :)

  2. haha whenever Joan said 'mini' I just thought 'OMG' so that was a given title

    and ditto about the Wonders - it's inevitable, even when you scale them down! and chubby makes them that much cuter