Thursday, August 6, 2009

just take me straight to Virginia

Nothing says congratulations on retirement like a golf bag cake. Levelled off the top of the big sheet cake and saved the scraps for the pouches. The customer wanted it done up like a Boston Cream Pie so we whipped up some chocolate icing and vanilla bavarian cream for the filling between layers.

Cut the cake in half. First piece down, rimmed the edge with chocolate icing and filled with the cream. Topped with the other cake half.
Rounded out the cake mass into a tubular golf bag shape. Cut some pouches from the scraps. Placed onto the chocolate-iced bag.
Filled a bag with gray icing without a tip - this leaves a really tiny hole at the end to do small details like ... zippers. Also added some gold clubs on the board.
Added some straps and writing and final shot:

Next up, prepping a cake for a Yankees jersey. I'm used to using my beloved T-shirt pan which has served me so well for cakes of this sort, but I started this one from "scratch" [sheet cake]. I'll decorate this one tomorrow.

Then time to do the dinosaur. The woman specified bright colors so I tried red this time [a red T-Rex, why not?] Started off pretty well, iced the head on, added some details.
However, not as T-Rex-ish as the last one, so we're going to call this one a velociraptor instead.
Didn't even get to the mouth and teeth before disaster struck in the back room:
Looks like the result of an epic battle in a scene from Jurassic Park. Orrrrr, just that there was too much icing for the head and it split the cupcake head in half. I hoped to salvage it...
... but I'll probably just do a new one tomorrow or Saturday morning. Oh well.

Finally, on a happier note, here is my ghetto non-accurate Virginia cake for Danielle.
She's going to Williamsburg for the fall where she'll work in an authentic colonial kitchen in authentic colonial dress, etc. She's a history major so should be an awesome experience. Started with a patriotic cakeboard and a round cake which I quickly carved in the back room to form "Virginia." Added a quick border and writing.
And here's to Danielle:

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