Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's getting hot in here

It has been disgustingly humid around here lately, so imagine my disappointment when I get into the cake shop ... and the ovens are on. Yep, we actually have so many cupcake orders going out this week so Joan spent most of the day yesterday working towards the 20-dozen-cupcake goal and the rest of the cakes were being baked today. My pharmacy pill order will have 60 cupcakes, then there's a big order of 140 cupcakes for a local golf club banquet, and then the usual couple of cupcake flower baskets that go out each week. Here's the yellow ones chillin in the back room, and the chocolate batches were in another cooler.
It was so hot in the kitchen area that I was more than happy to help run and wrap the cakes again, seeing as it was about 20 degrees cooler in the "air-conditioned" back room. So spent about an hour back there, wrapping and shelving the cakes [and taking a picture or two - with my newly-repaired-and-returned SLR camera - just in time for the last days of work]:
My other quick task was to paint these fondant golf clubs with edible silver paint. There's trays and trays of fondant accessories like clubs, tees, balls, and pennants that will go on the country club cupcakes later in the week.
Next I worked on making an orange pill bottle out of fondant to go on the pharmacy cake. I needed to make it today so it would harden for this weekend, but the heat and humidity made it nearly impossible to roll out and work with fondant. I kept having to coat my hands with cornstarch because they were sweating and would smear whatever I was touching. I decided to make the bottle by wrapping fondant around a pepper shaker, first covering it with parchment paper so hopefully I can remove it from the "mold" on Friday after it hardens.
To go with that, I rolled out white fondant, covered the cap of another spice container, and trimmed it around the edge just as you would to do to cover a cake with fondant. Again, I'll remove it from the cap later when it hardens.
With these small tasks out of the way, it was onto my only cake of the day - a sheet cake for a Unity House dinner to thank their donors. They wanted it to look like the flyer with 'thank you' written in various languages [I knew Spanish, French, and Italian, but I learned 'hvala' is Slovic] and the Unity House logo.
Prepped the cake and iced it all around in white, which was more difficult than usual. It was so hot that our fondant was melting, our icing was melting, and even our cakeboards were melting - when I ran my spatula along the edge of the cake to smooth the icing, it actually picked up green from the cakeboard underneath and got into the icing.
Ay yi yi.

Anyways, iced the foreign thanks in a light green, "Thank You!" in slightly darker green, and finally the Unity House symbol as well as I could. Finished off with borders, though the top one started to slip off a bit in a few places because it was so soft.
That was all for today, most of the cakes were just coming out the oven so they will be prepped and decorated starting tomorrow. Along with the pill cupcakes + cake, I will be doing a stegosaurus [which will probably look very much like my "dragons"], a 3D version of this Bakugan character [which I have piped flat before], and a really cool wedding cake - a big sheet cake showing a map of North and South Americas and dotted lines to Albany and Peru and Buenos Aires [I think?] to show where the couple is from, getting married, and going to on their honeymoon ... or something like that ...

so here's hoping to cooler and drier weather.


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