Monday, August 17, 2009

feels like the first time

So in the first of several ex-post-facto posts, here were several milestone moments and cakes from the summer:

[1] First cake ever at the shop. For a man [Ron Michon] retiring from a local dealership [after 43 years], to be modeled after a Latham Fords license plate holder [the black fondant frame]. Not completely awful but I was such a newbie with the fondant, handwriting is a bit shaky, and I was just nervous overall. Also, in my defense, who reallly wants a long quote written out on a cake in icing? Oh well, this did come out better than the Darth Vader cupcakes I did the following day and have absolutely no photographic evidence of, thankfully.

[2] First piped drawing on a sheet cake. This Dora came just 2 days later and gave me a huge confidence boost because I was learning to hot-knife the icing and my drawing skills came in handy. I later did 3D Doras, but 2D one is still my fave.

[3] First 3D / sculptured cake. Of course started out as a debacle because I didn't realize it was supposed to be 3D at first, but eventually got it upright. Though the whole thing took much longer than necessary, still a pretty big step for me.

[4] First wedding cake - Swiss dot. This took place bout 3-4 weeks into the summer and I felt it was a privilege to finally be able to work on a wedding cake. Once I cleared this, there were many more of these to come throughout the summer and I was allowed to work on more elaborate designs.

[5] and of course with the first comes the last, so my final cake for the summer at the chateau: a chateau. Not the best or biggest, but still appropriate and memorable.

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