Saturday, August 8, 2009


Bit of a recap is needed so we'll start off with Friday's cakes, beginning with the Yankees jersey. I had printed off a '13' scaled to fit on the cake and used this as a stencil to cut a fondant version. Set that aside to harden a bit.
Then came time for the pinstripes. Luckily I had had some experience with this when I did Andrew's plaid shirt cake in July and I found that by adding a little bit of corn syrup - or in this case, some of the clear piping gel - will make the icing a little goo-ier and stringier which makes it a little easier to draw continuous lines without breakage. I also used a flat tip for wider lines.Started with the center line, moved out from there, not perfect but you get the idea, and added the fondant numbers.Kept the pinstripes going with another Yankees cake, this one just a sheet cake with the symbol for a birthday girl. Probably should have thought twice about using the same pink for the pinstripes and the symbol, so I outlined it with the blue on hand.
My last project which took up the rest of the afternoon was a giant dump truck for a first birthday. Haven't really done any heavy-duty vehicle cakes since the backhoe in my second week of work. True to form, I started with a sheet cake and worked from a toy truck. It took a few tries of arranging and re-arranging pieces to get an accurate massing. Needed to embed some straws as rebar and cross-bracing to keep the upright cake strips stable.

Covered the whole thing in the all-important crumb layer:
Followed it up with some bright kid-friendly colors, a fewtruck details, big black tires, crumbled-up-cake dirt, and a cardboard flap over the cab:
Some more fine tuning and finally completion:
And as a series? Sure, why not.

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