Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wrapper's delight

Today I went in to help with the baking and prep work for the week. A nice, relatively cool day - perfect for having the oven on for hours and hours. Joan had organized her cake orders for the week and had the ultimate list of all the cakes that needed to be baked - by flavor, by pan shape and size, quantity, special instructions, etc. There were going to be so many yellow cakes that she actually mixed up batter in the huge mixer that usually makes 67 pounds of icing, that's a lot of cake. Then she fills up the cake pans, loads them on trays, puts them into the industrial oven, and sets an array of timers set to go off at different times for different size pans. It's quite a spectacle to watch but she definitely has the routine down by now.

So my job consisted of taking the cakes out of the oven, carrying them to the back room, flipping them out of the pans, and covering each in Saran Wrap and loading them in the cooler. This way, the Saran shrink-wraps to the cakes and prevents contact w/ the air so they stay fresh. Definitely got faster as the day went on which is good because we baked 70 CAKES today. The back room smelled delicious at first, but as the day went on it smelled a bit like melting plastic because the Saran goes on the cakes right after they come out of the oven and yeahhh. And it takes big Saran wrap to cover big cakes.

In between running back and forth from the oven to the cooler, I was tasked with cleaning out out old bags and tips of icing, washing some of the million pans we used, lining cupcake pans for the dozens of cupcakes we'll bake tomorrow, and making babies ...

ah whhhha?
Joan had an order for cupcakes topped with these fondant cuties for a baby shower but was running low, so I cranked out some more ["and make a few extra!"]. Faces are drawn on with edible marker and I find the little bald boys look a bit like Charlie Brown.

So the cakes are baked and wrapped and ready to go for the rest of the week. Off to the Harry Potter midnight premiere in a bit, wooohoooo.

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