Wednesday, July 8, 2009

who can it be now?

The week started off with another 3D character cake with the ever-versatile Wonder cake pan. Joan says besides all the round cake pans she uses for tiered and wedding cakes, this is probably her most commonly used cake pan and I've said it before - it can make anything from superheroes to cuddly Sesame Street characters. So what / who will it be this time? Darth Vader? Minnie Mouse or an elephant? Mickey Mouse? Elmo or a teddy bear? a penguin? or will it be someone totally new this time?! While you ponder that over, here's a rundown of the rest of the day:

So Joan said the woman loved loved LOVED her roast pig from last week and as they were bringing it out, another customer came in to pick up their own cake, saw the pig, and said they were going to have to host their own pig roast just so they could order a cake like that. So it was a success, she can now add it to her catalog of show cakes, and I'll probably have another one to do by the end of the summer.

Next was starting a racetrack cake for a little boy. His mom is going to bring in some Matchbox cars to put on top, but the boy is allergic to food colorings so we can't use any coloring paste, airbrushing or anything on the cake or frosting so it will just be a big sheet cake iced in white. We'll make some accessories out of posterboard that can be removed before the kids eat it. Today I just cut out the racetrack and iced it black, tomorrow we'll add some more details, checkered flags, etc. Hopefully we can make it exciting and fun despite the restrictions.

A few weeks ago, a woman came in to discuss a Hawaiian themed centerpiece for a big luau she's hosting. She wanted a pineapple of some sort, other fruit, and lots of colored flowers so I actually sat down with her and sketched out some ideas. We boiled it down to a "3D pineapple" cake, a "half a watermelon" cake, and frosting flowers arranged on a board and then 50 cupcakes w/ frosting hibiscus flowers on top. It's a pretty ambitious and potentially time-consuming project so today I started on some of the non-edibles like the fronds [cut out of posterboard, curled, and covered in green icing] that will get stuck into the pineapple cake:

And then using chocolate fondant to make seeds for the watermelon. After getting into a pattern [roll small ball of fondant in palm, elongate, gently squish with fingers], they only took me about 10 seconds each to make so this went by quickly. They look so real, are completely edible, and will harden so they'll be easy to work with when I apply them on Saturday.

Now, did you guess the Wonder cake?

Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff?

He's Winnie-the-Pooh. Winnie-the-Pooh. Willy, nilly, silly, old bear.

Here's the progression of Pooh. I iced the face with a spatula, then piped big cheeks on and smoothed, added a dowel for the icing of the nose to "sit" on and around, tried to smooth that out, and added the other details.

To add his shirt on top, I drew it in with a skewer, piped the outline in red a few times [it doesn't have to be too too neat], then filled in the rest and smoothed.

and of course Pooh needs his hunny:

Tune in tomorrow for more on the racetrack, the Hawaiian luau extravaganza, and ... another TINKERBELL.

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