Saturday, July 25, 2009

three weddings [and no funeral]... and a fish and a football

We had quite the assembly line going on this morning with Joan covering and stacking wedding cakes as fast as I decorated them. We cranked these out in about 2-3 hours.
Wedding numero uno was a new style for me - some pretty scrollwork done in royal icing based on some linework that Joan had drawn out on trace paper.
With wedding cakes, we always mark the "back" of the cake with a toothpick so the "front" is facing forward when it's set up at the reception hall. The back is also where we have the seam of the ribbon and it's where you start your icing designs so it hides any overlaps, you get all your kinks out, etc. However, this design needed to start in the front so it was aligned and symmetrical. Therefore, by the time I finally got into the groove, my good scrollwork was in the back. Oh well.
Next wedding cake was another Swiss dot. I know I keep saying that I'm getting faster and better, but let's do a side-by-side comparison from the Swiss dot cake I did a mere 4 weeks ago:
Now you may not think there's much room for improvement for something as simple as dots, but as you can see, some of the ones in the photo on the left resemble "growths" more than dots.

Finally, saved the easiest for last - just a 3-tier fondant with ribbon and fresh flowers. As easy and simply and modern as it looks, it's actually more pressure to make the surface as clean and pristine as possible. Joan likens it to wearing a skintight dress where every dimple, divot, and bulge is revealed. So instead of icing work, I spent most of my time smoothing, popping air bubbles in the fondant, and filling in cracks and crevices.
See? Nothing is perfect.

Luckily, flowers can help hide some of the "problem areas" and makes the whole thing beautiful:
Back to the anglerfish from yesterday. Joan had gone to the hardware store and brought back copper wire and plastic tubing. Perfect, because bending the wire inside helped the tubing keep its shape. Put a hole in his head. Used an advanced technique called finger-painting to ice the antenna to match the fish. Added a white fondant ball for the lure.
Put it all together aaaaaand:
Unfortunately I left the shop before the mother came to pick up this cake which is too bad because I really wanted to see her reaction! And quickly, Joan's Mrs. Beasley doll cake [for which I made the glasses]:
And last cake before I walked out the door, a simple football cake which I drew on top and Joan finished with borders:
Ok, that's it for cake shop cakes for a few days, until next week!

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