Friday, July 17, 2009

seeing spots

First task of the day was to assemble the gigantor wedding cake. Joan had already covered each tier in fondant, so we started with the bottom one - inserted a HUGE PVC pipe along with wooden dowels so it wouldn't blow out under the all the weight, then added each tier, alternating squares and circles, and then I added the ribbon. Definitely an interesting twist on a standard cake.
Then came the dotting. The whole thing took me 42 minutes, not counting the 5 minute breaks after each tier to get the feeling back in my hands. So how this works is that I roll a parchment triangle to form a bag, snip off the end, insert a metal tip, fill it with icing, roll up the bag, and used this to draw on dots, lines, shapes, etc. and this referred to as piping. I can't really get pictures of myself doing these steps [and I think it would freak Joan out if I asked to take pictures of her doing it] so I'll refer to my handy Google Images:
So as I'm dotting, my right hand rolls and tightly clutches the end of the bag so it pushes icing towards the tip and my left hand guides where it comes out on the cake and sort of "starts" and "stops" each dot. My right hand usually goes numb first. Anyways, here's a shot of the final cake:
While I was doing this, Joan finished up the square 3-tier grad cake from yesterday. The images are printed on edible paper [at PChop] and the colored borders represent the past high school and the future college. Square cakes are a pain in the butt [in buttercream or fondant] because they're harder to make smooth, plumb, right-angled, perpendicular, straight, etc. In the end, the borders and other details usually hide the fact that everything isn't perfect. Ceramic baseball hat on top, felt '09' topper, and fondant stars.
THEN I got to do ... what else? The dots around the rest of this cake.
Lots of wedding cakes this week - 5 in total. Next up was a 7 PIECE cake - 3 get tiered together and then 2 sets of 2 are next to it, connected by crystal bridges. Something like this [but with no people on it].
Joan had done all the orange + white frilly borders on all the pieces so it was my job to apply the little flowers, flower centers, and leaves.
Final part of this project was making a fondant label with the couple's name to put on one of the tiers. I decided to cut it from a pattern, write on it flat [rather than having one shot to try writing it directly on the upright cake], and stick the fondant on. Practiced my penmanship on parchment a few times, wrote it out, carefully stuck it on, added a border, voila:
All these pieces get delivered to the reception hall and assembled there, so unfortunately no pictures of the final masterpiece but I'm sure it was beautiful, such bright colors!

And who wouldn't want to end off their day with a little Hannah Montana? Carved out her pink guitar, but it is only about 15-20 servings so it was cut out of a 7"x11" cake. Added some details, will finish it up and add guitar strings tomorrow, etc. Ok, I'm almost tired of cakes for the week, but we're actually pretty ahead of schedule so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.

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