Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My new routine for going into the shop early in the week is to check in with Joan for any things I need to Google Image Search for the week, help attack the mounds of dirty pans from Baking Tuesdays, and review [read: decipher] the slips and lists for the week so I have a heads up for what's coming my way.

So the lists - there's two of them: the baking list and the decorating list, and all cakes need to go on both lists. I actually took an order this weekend by email [a new thing for the cake shop] and wrote out the cake slip, stapled on a picture that the customer had attached, and added it to the pile. "Did you add that to the baking list?" Joan asks. Uh, no? Guess I should... They baked most of the cakes for the week yesterday, but she'll check the list every night for new orders that come in, so I add what I'll need and she'll bake it tonight. "And is it on the decorating list?" That would be a negative. It's just as, if not more, important that each cake makes it onto the decorating list as well so that it gets, well, decorated. Example of this was last Saturday when Joan realized that a baby shower cake hadn't been decorated and was due to be picked up in 30 minutes [disclaimer: I had no part in this]. Luckily, the cakes had been baked and it's a baby bassinet design that she's done a million times so she whipped it out just before her deadline [though the customer picked it up later anyways]. But a reminder to all - put it on the listS.

So first cake was a simple 8" round that Joan gave me to swirl, based on one she had in her display cabinet. Added a ribbon, tag, and frosting flowers:

Then came the fun. The task was a 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex cake, with the Wonder cake and 3 stacked cupcakes for the head - very unusual. For guidance, Joan gave me a little toy T-Rex torso - awesome. The previous T-Rex cake from her book - not so much. Sure it looks like a dinosaur, but where's the T-Rex in him?! He needs the big head, short stubby arms, and the TEETH.
So started icing, adding limbs, and claws. Like most characters made with the Wonder pan, he suffers from T-Rex syndrome, but hey it's fitting this time, for obvious reasons.
Let's get a 360 view:Then came time for the folded cardboard mouth, kind of like putting in dentures. But he looks pretty duck-like...
Lots of dinosaurs out there, so again the question: cute or scary? He's a T-Rex so definitely go with scary. Maybe even a little Godzilla-like. The cardboard was great for propping the mouth open enough that I could add the tongue and teeth. At this point, I've been at the cake for awhile, Joan looks over, and I'm afraid that I've been taking too long but she goes, "He's so cute! Take a picture and we'll update the book!" So here it is, T-Rex v.2.0:

Some details:
And my favorite shot of the day:
So Wednesdays are great because they have become my play days. There's usually only a few cakes to work on, so I have some creative freedom before the stress of the weekend push. We have another T-Rex and roast pig to do for next week, so the hours that go into figuring them out for the first time will pay off because they'll go faster the next time around. Other cakes this week that I'm super-excited for are a sandcastle cake for a bridal shower [similar to this, but using crushed-up Nilla Wafers] and an anglerfish based on a boy's stuffed animal. But this one will definitely be cute, not scary.

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