Friday, July 3, 2009

piggin' out

First off, here's an awesome 4th cake that Joan did yesterday at the shop:

It came out so well and is really vibrant! She said the humidity made the fondant a pain to work with, and as much as I would love to say that I worked on this cake, I'm rather glad that I didn't have to cut out those stars.

Last week we received a call from a woman in Alabama who was coming up to New York for a big Hawaiian-luau-themed BBQ for the 4th of July weekend and was wondering if we could do a pig roast cake. She had seen this image from the Cake Engineer and wanted something similar, so that was my big task of the day. The following images aren't gruesome or gory by any means, but it is a little bit of a morbid cake. **Let it be known that no animals were harmed in the making of this cake.**

Started out with a flat sheet cake [as always], designated chunks for the body and the head, then started to layer and add appendages.

Then I channeled my inner Bernini and began to carve and sculpt until slllooooowwwwllllyyyy it became more pig-like, though pretty freaky-looking. It just reminds me of the evil pig characters from Sleeping Beauty or even worse - the pig mask from SAW. So I crumb-coated it, frosted it again, then Joan draped it with a large piece of ivory fondant and I set to work smoothing it over the cake, shaping around the arms, wedging it in the crevices for definition, etc. It was great because the fondant didn't have to be perfectly smooth and pristine like for a wedding cake; in fact, the more wrinkly and cracked it was - the more realistic. Shaped the snout, "nostrils," added fondant ears.

Next I got to do my new favorite thing - airbrush! Started out with black for shading around the bottom and joints, then went over in brown, and in the end it surprisingly looks like a turkey out of the oven.

Added a quick fondant apple for the mouth, and done. I think she'll really like it when she picks it up tomorrow.

This took about 3 hours and Joan said I really "whipped through that cake" so she is clearly used to me taking twice as long as necessary. Then I dotted another wedding cake like a few weeks ago.

Final project of the day and week was a golf bag for a 50th birthday. Joan had already shaped and prepped, so I frosted it blue, added trim and zippers, and piped the golf clubs.

The woman said her husband had a bunch of animal golf club head covers, so could we do a chicken one on one of the clubs? Well Joan didn't have any pictures of chickens lying around, so the guy got a rooster instead. More masculine anyways, right? I think that little guy is my favorite part of the whole cake. Then a fondant golf ball which I stippled for the typical golf ball texture.

And money shot:

Ok that's it for me, have a nice 4th of July weekend!

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