Wednesday, July 1, 2009

out-of-proportion and wide-eyed and disfigured is he!

Today Joan showed me the baking + decorating list for the week and it was only one side of one sheet of paper. Not double-sided and multiple pages as usual. There's only one wedding cake, a few simple ones that she can whip through on her own, and 1 or 2 special 4th of July cakes that I'll help with. So day off tomorrow from the chateau [though I have a few projects of my own], back on Friday, and off for the 4th.

The day kicks off with another Spongebob, though this time the customer has brought in a photo of an upright Spongebob she found online. And Gary the Snail is along for the celebration this time also. These are the images and cakes Joan handed me to go with:

So I ice the 2 layers together, turn "Spongebob" upright, prep, hoist him onto the base cake. At this angle and these proportions, it looks more like a toaster than Spongebob [though ironically, they do sell those]. This is when I realize that this Spongebob is going to be a little wideset, thicker, and stouter than the little sponge we all know and love. Oh well, this version is more sturdy [plus he's sitting on a cakeboard supported by straws in the base cake and there's diagonal dowels running through the 2 cakes of his body].

Now is when I might post zoomed-in pictures to show the crispness and level of detail we achieved. Mmm not the case this time. Turns out drawing and icing when the figure is upright is much more difficult than when it's lying flat [think hairstylist or makeup artist rather than surgeon]. It felt more awkward and not as controlled. Below, on the left, it may appear that Gary has been flattened, when in fact he has yet to appear in full form. In the middle, you can see Spongebob's face that seems to be accidentally have been scaled horizontally... and he has really big irises? Finally, on the right [my favorite], while one of his hands turned out decent, it looks like his other hand got caught in some machinery or something. Frankenbob anybody? [they sell those too] So while these may be the lyrics for the true Spongebob theme song, I feel the title of this blog post is more appropo for this Spongebob...

Next, moving onto Gary, we thought to use straws for the antennae [?] and fondant balls for the eyes. So the progression:

Now for anyone who doesn't know, eyes make me very squeamish so I'm surprised I even took this picture:
moving on...

Putting it all together, adding Gary's shell and details, and voila! Not perfect, but done - and that's the best part!

Next and last cake of the day ... another Tinkerbell! We all know I've struggled with her in the past on multiple occasions, but this was the chance to attempt a different pose:

Well, faster and better than usual. And at least she looks lean, feminine, and fairy-like this time. The face still gave me trouble, so I wiped it clean and Joan will show me her techniques when I go in again on Friday. So until then ...

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