Tuesday, July 7, 2009

july, july!

well had a great weekend home full of fireworks, family + friends, FOOD, and Food Network Challenges. Also got to kayak, relax at the beach and enjoy the sun, finally do a crossword (!), and our team won 3rd place at Trivia Night. A few cakes in there too:

First, back in Troy, celebrating Christine's birthday with a mushroom / woods scene dedicated to her morel-mushroom-hunting adventures in Michigan.

and then, I was in Troy for Mom's actual birthday and she said that she didn't really need a cake from me when I came home, if it was going to be too much time or effort. But she never said anything about Sydney...

and trying to get Sydney to pose, first laying down, trying to eat it, and got it.


  1. Sydney's cake and Sydney have become my new desktop background on my laptop! No replacing Tinkerbell at home, though.


  2. haha I wouldn't have it any other way... by the end of the summer, there will probably be even more Tink faces to add, and they might not be any better than the first!