Thursday, July 16, 2009

give a girl a fish cake...

So first was the fish cake that I carved from a sheet cake yesterday. In my head, I saw how how carving all the corners away from the rectangular cake could then be sliced in half to make symmetrical tail pieces and appropriate fin parts, perfect. Prepped it and this morning I iced it according to a couple of fish magazine cut-outs that Joan had lying around. Spread on some icing and when you hot-knife it, it leaves a nice gradient effect.

I didn't know if I was supposed to make it realistic or cartoon-y so it's kind of a mix of both.

Fish eye [not too creepy], fish fin, and of course bubbles.
And some of the other projects from yesterday. First, the simple modern cake [think minimalistic ribbon on a package, without a bow of course]:

And my big fondant baby:
Another one from today - this woman wanted lots of pink, the number 11, and something with silver dragees, which are the edible metallic balls. We went through several ideas - scattering them on the 11 [like sparkles], putting them down the middle of each number, outlining them, etc. I finally went with creating a "drop shadow" effect and it looks pretty cool. Set each one in place with a pair of tweezers but didn't take too long.

Add a fondant tag, border, and flowers:
And voila:
To be decorated tomorrow, a 3-tier square graduation cake:
And a 4-tier 250+ serving wedding cake with my oh-so-favorite Swiss dots. I think I need to stop typing now so my hands can prepare for the torture.

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