Friday, July 10, 2009


So today turns out to be a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect summer day! But I have to go to work. But it's ok, because my first task is the Hawaiian fruit which I'm pretty excited about. But then my camera doesn't turn on [even though yes, the battery is charged and I had just uploaded photos last night] so I'm worried I won't get process pictures of these cakes. But it's ok, I can use her camera. But then it's only a point and shoot camera, and the 'macro' setting doesn't work so the pictures don't really capture all the detail and close-ups. And so begins my day.

Making cakes look like food turns out to be really fun. Nothing has to be too too neat and the colors, textures, and techinques are interesting. For the pineapple, first covered it in green, then mixed various shades of yellow, gold, brown, and green, loaded them together into a bag w/ a star tip and squeezed pineapple leaves all around. Looks a bit poofy, but pretty realistic.

Next up, watermelon. Working from some lovely Google Images of watermelon, I mixed up the right shade of hot pink, spread it on, added white and green for the rind, and hot-knifed it smooth. The hot knife sort of acts like a soldering iron and melts the icing a bit, making the colors run together which is perfect. Melonized the slices and the half, placed them on the cake board, carefully lowered the pineapple in place as well. All in place, but still a bit bare.

Added the hardened fondant watermelon seeds and the frosted posterboard pineapple leaves, and arranged some frosting flowers like a lei.

An aerial view:
Not bad for 6 hours of work in total from carving and prepping to icing and decorating all of this. And this has probably been one of my favorite cakes / projects so far.

And finally, a rear view:

We left parts of the cakeboard empty so the woman can place her 50 cupcakes around the fruit cakes as well. Cupcakes:

Nah, just kidding, those wouldn't do at all. Here they are:

So that was that. Then I took a wedding cake [based on the black and white one in the photo but in a more summery peach color scheme] , added French dots in buttercream on the top layer and more dots on the bottom, then my favorite fondant circles in there also. Finally a ball border in buttercream and frosting flowers on top. Pretty!

Spent the rest of the afternoon working another book / hat combo grad cake in blue and white. You've seen it before but maybe I'll add pictures of the complete cake tomorrow. Speaking of which, I need to investigate that camera of mine...

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