Friday, July 31, 2009

day-glo friday

It may have been a dull rainy day but my hands are stained some nice bright colors from the frosting we used today. First up was a round cake for a 16th birthday. Now while the colors and border may at first appear to be fondant... they're not. Instead of cookie-cutting out fondant circles and rolling dozens of tiny fondant balls, the look can be achieved with buttercream, the right tools, and some technique.
Joan added some matching hot pink flowers on top but I couldn't get a picture before it went out the door.

Next up was a 3D Dora with the Wonder set-up. I've piped her flat in icing before, but this brings her into a whole dimension. And she seems to have gained quite a bit of weight, somewhere around the waist area... Started with the orange "shorts," added the hot pink shirt and tummy [Dora just wouldn't be Dora if she wasn't baring some midriff]...

... wiped off my camera lens ...

Put on sleeves, the head, various "appendages," and finally her facial features and hair.
Now I know Dora is supposed to be a little Spanish girl so I colored her skin appropriately, but I also forgot that the icing gets darker when you hot-knife it smooth, and it also gets darker as it dries and hardens. So by the time I finished her and put her in the back, I'm not really sure what ethnicity our little Dora is anymore...

and now front - side - rear view:
and some Dora details including Map, accessories, and some white "sneakers" [the icing was pretty droopy from the humidity today so I'll shape those up in the morning when the icing is stiffer]
So all in all, this cake took me the same amount of time it took Joan to do a 4-tier wedding cake [all carrot cake]. Yeahhh... what was I saying about getting faster? Well Joan says there's another Dora to do for Sunday, the same exact cake, so I'm banking on going twice as fast now that I have most of the colors already mixed in tubs and I have an idea of what I'm doing. If nothing else, it will make for some good side-by-side comparisons a la Tinkerbell.

Finally, a project that has become my brainchild. A woman envisioned this big sheet cake incorporating their extensive family tree and an old photo for her mother's 80th birthday. She tried to describe it to Joan over the phone but ended up coming in to talk with me so I could draw out her whole family tree. We decided to do a large tree in the background with all the family member's names on little fondant tags, and stemming from the couple in the photo at the base of the tree.
I airbrushed the background to resemble faded parchment paper and swirled on a tree silhouette.
We had the photo printed on edible paper which I put onto a fondant "plaque" that I had cut out. I also cut out 25+ fondant tags for the names [they just look like big pieces of gum] and then went about writing all the family members in teeny - hopefully legible - cursive icing.
I'm letting the fondant pieces harden overnight and in the morning, I'll add it all to the cake. Hopefully including every person and in the right location.

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