Thursday, July 9, 2009

another day, another Tink, another one bites the dust...

Another day, another step towards completing the Hawaiian centerpiece, but not there yet. We had baked these 3 cakes for the pineapple:

However, after beginning to build them up, we realized that just 2 were really needed to make a life-size pineapple so carved away at the top and prepped it:

Then onto the watermelon. The melon halves, made from a simple round cake. And the half melon, made with the always-wonderful-Wonder cake pan turned on its side.

Hmm, we've observed the infinite cartoon characters that can be done with the Wonder cake pan sitting upright, but turning it on its side opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

Sure, this cake will be a melon. But you could also have a floodlight, an umbrella, maybe a spinning top? Or you can square it off for a dreidel. Maybe stick with the holiday theme and build a Thanksgiving cornucopia? Hmmm, perhaps I shall buy this cake pan next... I have seen them at Michael's and A.C.Moore stores and they actually market them as the dress pans for doll cakes. It looks like our family did own one at one point, my 4th birthday cake, by Mom:

Ok, to get back on track, so to speak, back to the food-coloring-less race car cake. Iced the cake white and added the track which is all posterboard and cardboard and and can be removed. The woman brought in the little toy cars this morning so applied those as well.

And Joan extracted these perfect checkered flags from the organized clutter, so I arranged these, and done! I'm happy with how fun it came out in the end.

Then a "quick" My Little Pony cake - half based on the photo in Joan's book and half based on the birthday girl's party napkin.
Joan gave me the cake already iced and outlined, so I made 3 lovely shades of pink, put them all into one bag and piped on the fluorescent tail and mane.

Added some cute flower and heart details, and one freakishly large eye...
and finito --
And finally, another day, another Tink. First of all, the customer had brought in their own napkins, invitations, and plates with Tinkerbell all over it. Joan sees them and goes, "Oh look, her eyes are so pretty. They really sparkle." I had read somewhere that Disney had given many of their characters a "makeover" so they would look modern on new DVD releases, packaging, merchandise, etc. But it's just funny to see the side-by-side difference. Oh what a difference 50+ years can make:

If you want true [read: expensive] art, you'll probably have to go somewhere else if you want your Tink to look like the one on the right. If you have me do it, it might look like the one on the left. If you're lucky:

Ahh, so a new pose.

Oops [splashed while airbrushing]

Oops [her face, got eyeliner?]

Oops [Tink lost her fashion sense but is ready to do hand shadow puppets]

Oh well. Add a border, some flowers, some sparkles and we're good to go.

And on the topic of beloved childhood characters and their portrayal as cakes, go to today's hilarious Cake Wrecks post about potential copyright infringements.... G'night!

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