Friday, July 24, 2009


Sure, you have Freddy vs. Jason. And there's also been Alien vs. Predator. But the faceoff I really want to see would be between this week's scary creature cakes:

Anglerfish vs. T-Rex
I was really excited to get back to this cake, so took the prepped body:
Iced it burgundy, did the mouth + tongue, shaped fins, etc:
Finished up the details and it's a dead ringer for the source stuffed animal:
Joan's going to run to the hardware store tonight to get some bendy plumbing tubing for the antenna and we'll add it in the morning. Obviously, the "lure" is what makes this fish unique and how it attracts its prey. Even though I think these fish are bottom-dwellers that live in the dark depths of the sea, Joan wanted to expand on the fish theme so I iced the board like ocean surf with some neon floating chocolate coral pieces.
While I worked from this toy, Joan worked on a cake based on a Mrs. Beasley doll. As I learned from Joan, the Mrs. Beasley doll belonged to a girl on Family Affair in the late 60s and the customer brought in her own doll for Joan to model the after. It has been sitting on the counter all week and almost every woman that comes into the shop has reacted "Oh my goodness, haven't seen one of those in years!" "Is that Mrs. Beasly?!" One woman even went out to the car to get her mother to show her; they even said they might want to order a Mrs. Beasley cake in the future. There you go - Joan single-handedly bringing Beasley back.

Anyways, Joan was working on the cake [Wonder cake pan, natch] and needed me to model her black square frame glasses, so I took some floral wire + needlenose pliers + black airbrushing and it's hard to tell the difference, if I do say so myself. It's interesting how an arts + crafts background is just as important as having the baking know-how in order to make all of these cakes!
Final one of the day was a simple baby shower cake based on a picture found by the customer.
Fondant covered with dots was easy, added border and fondant ribbon.
I learned how to make a fondant bow [using paper towels to form the loops open until the fondant get stiff] and also made some fondant baby blocks [which took 2% of the time of these babies].
And a final look [we've been so ahead of schedule that Al boxed up all the cakes before I could get them on the table for pictures]:
Not too much else going on this week, just some weddings to do tomorrow and then "weekend" for me!!

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