Wednesday, June 24, 2009

too much candy gonna rot your soul

First task of the day was to retrieve this poor forgotten soul from the frigerator in the closet and finish him up. Added one eye, one eye patch, a "nose," bandana... I was really tempted to turn him into Jack Sparrow, but he didn't have the right color scheme going on [the birthday boy has reddish hair] so I passed. Joan said to make this one "super special" [especially to make up for the fact that he's leaning pretty far to his left, our right] so I added the skull + crossbones to the bandana. However, he does seem to be suffering from the T-Rex syndrome with his tiny scrawny arms not quite to scale with his bigger head and body. Oh well.

Then Joan said to go look through her candy boxes in the back room for some "pirate booty" aka gold coins. As if cakes, frosting, and the occasional pie and cookie aren't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, she has boxes and boxes and boxes of candies and other edibles in the back.

Nutrageous anyone?
How about some Reese's PB cups?
Or melting candies?
Caramels? Raisins? Coconut? Chocolate chips?!

Getting closer...
AHA! Got 'em

and without further ado or delay, the final pirate chest birthday cake:

Next, onto a baby shower cake based on a picture from a customer. There will be two round cakes and "baby blocks" as separators between the two tiers. Joan had me cut out 4 Styrofoam cubes and cover them in fondant.

This was great practice because I go to go through the steps of rolling out fondant, covering the cubes, and smoothing [which is much harder than it sounds] 4 times [and 4 more times because the first time didn't go as smoothly]. AND it's at a much smaller scale than rolling out fondant to cover huge cakes. Plus, the Styrofoam obviously is not cake so I take it off and start again if I made a mistake. So carved, doweled, and iced each:

Rolled, covered, and trimmed:

Smoothed, tucked, and doweled again:

Not the most pristine blocks you'll ever see, but we'll add bright fondant letters and borders tomorrow, and there are only an accessory to the overall design - the cakes will be awesome too.

Final part of my short day was to prep these cakes for a smaller version of last week's graduation cake. Not sure what school or colors this one will be, have to check back tomorrow...


  1. title looove!

    also, the t-rex comment reminded me of that video from some pixar movie that jen always posts on cake know the one I mean?

  2. haha, YESSS, just linked that video!

    and in honor of today being Mika Day and very cake-appropriate too