Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ok, so as if I didn't have enough cake in my life or enough to write about, here's another project for the summer. So there's a website called Threadless where people can submit T-shirt designs and vote online, and then every week, some of the top designs are printed for sale. I came upon Threadless a few years ago, I'm a huge fan, and I probably have about 10-12 shirts. Anywho, this summer they're sponsoring a competition called Threadcakes - where you make cakes inspired by various Threadless designs. The contest goes on until August, there's some cool prizes, some major judges (including Jen from Cake Wrecks and Mary Alice, who works at Charm City Cakes - which of course is Duff Goldman's cake shop as featured on TLC's Ace of Cakes), and you can enter as many times you want into the two categories: 2D and 3D. You have to photograph along the way (already do) so they can see it's all cake /edible, plus it's just to see the big build-up, the creation, and finally how it gets devoured.

So, armed with my new tools and skills, I figure this will be a good creativity outlet for me and a way to keep improving. And fun and delicious too. I already have a few ideas and brainstorms ... and one entry ready to submit! This is a little anticlimactic because the contest opened on Monday the 21, but they aren't quite taking submissions yet. But here's a preview: it's based on the design 'Alphabet Zoo' which I own, and love for its simplicity. I decided to do each animal + letter on an individual cupcake; after a blue coat of frosting, I drew, piped, and hot-knifed each animal until it was smooth. So once they open up, I'll send it in, check back in...

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