Monday, June 15, 2009

special weekend update

so from the moment I walked in on Saturday morning til the time I left, it was busy busy BUSY. Customers had arrived before 10 o'clock to pick up cakes that Joan was still finishing up. So I added flowers to cupcake bouquets (I'll have to get pictures of these sometime, they're gorgeous), adding icing flowers to cupcakes, and boxing everything up. Then came this fun cake for a little girl, the big ribbon on top is actually strips of craft foamies and airbrushed.

then was the dreaded time for not just one, but TWO, cupcake cakes. Yes, the sacreligious cake order - 2 dozen cupcakes arranged as a baby bootie and another 2 dozen as a baby rattle, and then iced as one cake. These came out pretty quickly, good thing too because we were still icing when the customer came to get them - so no pictures, so sad. Even Joan was shaking her head at these...

Final task of the day was starting the ice cream sundae cake of this week. Started off the same as last time, but we covered the cake bowl in fondant (to act as a skin holding it together) and we made the ice cream scoops out of stiff whipped frosting, instead of fondant-covered cake. Didn't get to finish it and get pictures, Joan was going to finish it on Sunday morning.

Came home this weekend for graduation events and family time. Here are two cakes for high school friends who had yet to receive cakes. A squirrel:

And a concave chest (don't ask):

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