Saturday, June 6, 2009

saturday sundae

As promised, here are the guitar and Spongebob cakes (and yes, it is 'Happy Birthday JAH-JAH') from yesterday. They both got picked up this afternoon and the customers seemed to like them:

Now onto today's big task: creating an ice cream sundae for a little girl's 6th birthday party (with an ice cream theme). We started with a round cake and inserted a big PVC pipe for the base, then I sculpted and prepped:

Next, we added an upside-down dome cake (usually used for the base of Elmos, teddy bears, and Darth Vaders), which was then doweled, iced, airbrushed for shading:

Then came the key part to every sundae - the ice cream. I took cake scraps and actually molded them with an ice cream scoop, coated them with icing (easier said than done, they kept falling apart and became ooey gooey messes). Once these were somewhat-scoop-like, I rolled out mint-colored fondant, wrapped the goo-balls, and coated with chocolate chips. Not too shabby:

Final step was of course putting it together so first chocolate icing as the cement to hold the ice cream in place, first layer of ice cream scoops, second layer, and the final "hot fudge" (chocolate icing + corn syrup for the ooze factor), "whipped cream" (icing), and "cherry" (fondant):

And of course, as a complete series:

So in comparison to the simple sketch that the customer had drawn of what she wanted, we went way over the top - this cake took 7 hours and weighs probably 10-15 pounds, seriously. I hope it makes it through the night, into her car tomorrow, and to the actual party. Lots of lessons learned (probably could have done without the second layer of ice cream scoops), Joan was happy with the final result, and more pictures and stories for the blog! Didn't get to make it out for Friendly's Free Ice Cream event today, but this totally made up for it! Until next week ... ciao!


  1. Looove the guitar. And the sundae is a work of art!

  2. Really cannot define the lovely cuteness of cake designs. Mini desserts and pies at my friend's birthday were tasty too. One of the fabulous party venue was pre booked to avoid last minute waiting. Clams and risotto was tasty. Liked the pan cakes and beverages too. Found the staff services quite quick.