Saturday, June 20, 2009

man, you oughta finish what you've started

The weather has been gloomy and undesirable for the past few days, but it has actually been a great week at ye olde cake shoppe. Lots of good cakes being done and going out the door, which means lots of good pictures, and still no mis-haps or accidents yet... [I'm just waiting for something to happen]. Walked in this morning and first I frosted these cupcakes and topped them with frosting flowers to go into this cupcake-flower-bouquet that are often ordered for bridal or baby showers and centerpieces. Joan spends an hour or so over the weekend making trays of different color flowers so they harden during the week and then she can just grab whatever color or type of flowers she needs to garnish the cakes. Aren't they beautiful?!

Then finished up the champagne bottle from yesterday for a 50th birthday. So I had printed out a few champagne labels and I used one as a template underneath edible paper [so awesome], so I could trace right on top with the icing. It was good practice for me trying to steady my hands and draw continuous lines, but without having to think too much about what I was drawing since it was right there. Then carefully applied to the bottle.

Put the same edible paper on the top of the bottle and painted it with gold edible paint [again, awesome] so it resembles a bottle wrapper. Finally, the woman wanted it "all jazzed up" so added roses, a ribbon, and sparkles.


Then onto the other half-finished cake from yesterday: the stack o' books graduation cake. So the smaller book had to be placed on the bigger book and these are solid cakes that need support. Joan uses the wooden dowels for the 3-tier wedding cakes, but actually uses straws for smaller cakes [they are surprisingly sturdy when they're only 2-3" high]. So, I cut these down, placed them in the lower cake, and added Saran Wrap [so the icing won't stick to the upper cake when it's taken off]

Then it was another "close my eyes, say a silent prayer, and drop it" moment when it came to getting the second book on, but this was much more heavy and nerve-wracking so it was more of a teeter-totter-crane movement, but got it on!

Repeated the straw + Saran step on top of the small book for the grad cap to sit on. Then added cardboard mortarboard, iced black + trim + 2009, and finally tassel and name tag. Joan will add gold flowers in the morning.

Nearing 4 o'clock and there's another lime green / pink / orange Sweet 16 cake to do, though this isn't 3 tiers like the last one, but still lots of flowers and petals to cut out [note to self: make BIGGER pieces so you don't need as many... and so they don't look like neon minnows]. So, 3 hours later:

While I was working on this, Joan was putting the final touches on this other Sweet 16 cake. It's a Wonky or Topsy Turvy cake, where instead of levelling each tier flat, you slice it on a diagonal [the dowels inside are still straight up-and-down, I believe]. It's such a funky cake, and it's almost hard to pick it out from the crazy bookshelves in the background.

so that concludes my long Friday workday. Some closing thoughts:
_ On Fridays and Saturdays, Joan puts her small unusable scraps [whatever hasn't been donated to other cakes or hasn't been sent home with any of us employees] out in her garden for the small neighborhood animals like squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Though today there were several wild turkeys eating from the array of sweets, which made us laugh, thinking of Joan as a Disney character frolicking in the forest with her following of woodland creatures.

_ So a guy called today to inquire whether we did a Tinkerbell cake? Why yes, yes we do. Well, would it be possible to see a picture of what it looks like? Could you email me one? Of course, I can send that to you tonight after work. I almost sent this one, then almost sent this one so he could see all the OPTIONS that Tinkerbell comes in, but finally opted for this, figuring it's the only one that would make him actually place an order with us. Ever.

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  1. What a great post! The champagne bottle looks AWESOME, I love that label. The cap and books look great, too. But most of all, I'm so impressed with your sweet 16 cake! I can't believe you cut out all those little minnows, haha, they look great.