Thursday, June 18, 2009

incompletely productive...

... is better than completely unproductive. Got A LOT done today in just 6 hours, but don't have many finished cakes to show for it. First up was finishing up the golfer this morning [not my favorite cake so far - he's a bit heavy and broad-shouldered]:

Then came the first of a few half-finished cakes of the day, a pirate on top of a treasure chest:

Chest: DONEPirate: ON


The woman called to postpone the cake because she was canceling the birthday party due to the rainy weather. So the party and cake got pushed to next week, no point in finishing it right now, so he got moved to the cooler:

Next was a big champagne bottle to be carved and shaped from a flat sheet cake, similar to the Stanley Cup yesterday.






We decided to wait until the morning to finish this one so I can find an actual champagne bottle label online and we can copy it exactly. So pictures of this one tomorrow.

Finally, started on this cake for a college graduate:

Middle book: DONE [Joan has a comb-tool-brush thing that I ran along the sides to look like book pages]

Cap, mortarboard, and bottom book: getting there....


The writing on the order slip is illegible and we can't read what color the other book is supposed to be [most like school colors, along with the yellow] and the woman hasn't returned Joan's phone call. So another cake to finish tomorrow.

So I have a closet full of unfinished cakes to show for today but it'll be nice to see them all go out tomorrow. Speaking of which, a couple came today to pick up the Stanley Cup cake for their birthday boy and they love LOVED it! and apparently he plays hockey for Siena, so my fondant birthday tag was spot-on colorwise and I hadn't even known.

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