Sunday, June 28, 2009

i don't give a damn 'bout my reputation

Quick entry to wrap up this week. So I go in at 9:30 and the top tier of that BABY. SHOWER. CAKE. is sitting on my worktable. "The cubes are leaning, you have to fix them! And it's going out for 10," says Joan. Of course, I am a pro at taking this thing apart by now, so I surgically remove the top cubes, add 5 dowels under each cube [let's see if those suckers dare lean now], put it all back together, touch up the edges and camouflage with frosting flowers, and it's out the door at 10. Joan said she had been me all week about the quality of that cake because her reputation is on the line with every cake that goes out that door, and any mistake just takes away from all the work as a whole. Understood. I know you're as sick of hearing about this as I am of looking at it, so that's that.

After spending way too long on that last cake, it was nice to "whip through" a few projects [Joan's ability to whip through cakes > my ability]. Next up, 70 cupcakes for a high school student graduating from Coxsackie-Athens High School [hence C-A] and going to attend Clarkson University [CU]:

And a Yankees-theme birthday cake:

Joan had been working on this 3-tier wedding cake from a Martha Stewart magazine and then I applied frosting flowers [again, Joan made these the night before so they've hardened a bit]:

I think it was at this time that the woman who had ordered the dreaded block cake [and a basket of cupcakes to go with it] came into the shop to return the basket and she was raving about the cake, she said it was the hit of the party, everyone loved it, did we get pictures?!, etc. There was no mention of any the battle scars or possible structural instability, and as soon as she left, we all breathed a sigh of relief - that is definitely what it's about: making delicious cake, making it look awesome, and making people happy.

Finally onto my bigger project of the day. A woman had emailed a picture of an Army National Guard cake she had found online and wanted us to go for a similar look:

So I iced, added a border, and thennn I got to airbrush it for the camo effect. Now, it's very easy to go overboard and ruin a cake with this technique, but Joan gave a quick lesson and we think our camouflage even came out better than the original image she sent us. The cake in the original picture has a frozen buttercream transfer which means its been printed and iced on top of that [read: better than what I can do quickly by hand], so I just tried to keep it simple and get the guardsman on there in some shape or form.

Ok, that takes care of this week, hoping for some nice weather on the days off, ciao!

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