Friday, June 26, 2009

freakin' fondant friday

'Tis the season for graduation: first task of the day was to copy the school logo for a high school graduate's cake. We had found it from online and I printed it to scale for the 24" wide cake as a guide. Joan added flowers and a ribbon afterwards. HUGE CAKE.

Another grad cake that Joan was working on. She actually built it up like a tiered wedding cake [it's 4 tiers of 2x2" cakes each = HUGE CAKE] and just shaped it with icing.

Then quick fondant flower accessorizing to a birthday cake [interesting color scheme, but it was the birthday girl's request]:

Finally onto my favorite never-ending baby shower cake. If you've been reading, then you know it started out as spending hours making these cute baby block separators over the last few days and today it was time to get to the cakes and put it all together. Began by cutting out circles, cutting in half, and rimming the top and bottom cakes.

Not bad, the circles actually went evenly all the way around and the end met with the beginning. And next, cutting out dozens of stars [becoming one of my favorite activities]. Then, making little "medallions" for the border by cookie-cutting circles and embossing 'A' and 'J' [for the parent's names], harking back to my very first day at the cake shop when I cut and stamped 188 hearts. Not quite as many this time around, but still a time-sucker.

Put all the fondant decorations on the cakes, iced the bigger bottom cake red, and the smaller top cake yellow. This is where you start to feel really satisfied because it's really coming together and you see the fruits of your effort paying off.

Then, came the 3 fondant cubes for the topper. Except, these are not Styrofoam like the smaller ones, these are cake. Ick, after carving and prepping the cake, covering in fondant, and cutting out more color borders, it is now 3 HOURS LATER and all I have to show for it is 3 slightly cube-like masses ready to go on top of the cake. Hmm, anyways, so as I'm carefully lifting and placing these blocks on the cake, I'm thinking, "Wow, this is going to get really heavy when we add this top tier to the bottom cake... *@%*(& THIS IS THE BOTTOM CAKE!!"

Yes, I had put the toppers on the wrong cake [and there is no picture for that last frame of my mistake as I was too busy swearing up a storm]. FML. To make a long story short and less painful for you, we scraped and salvaged my "cubes," put them on the top where they belonged, and put this on the bottom layer with the smaller blocks.

This is when, looking at the cake, we realized it was leaning. Majorly. Something in this whole contraption was not flat or straight [Joan decided it was the dowels in the bottom cake], so we disassembled the pieces and supplemented the dowels with PVC pipes Joan had me cut with a hacksaw. I finished the letters and details on the top blocks, but we decided to keep the top and bottom separate until tomorrow when it gets delivered.

This cake has been put together and taken apart more than any cake should, and has caused drama fit for a wedding cake disaster. Joan said it is going to a "ritzy baby shower event" so any leaning or obvious mistakes would just discredit all the work that had gone into it - all 16+ hours of it. Maybe I'll get a picture of it tomorrow all assembled. Or I might not, I almost don't even want to see it anymore. Saturday looks to be even crazier, what with customers storming the shop and trying to finish cakes going out the door, but at least I'm back to buttercream for the rest of the day tomorrow.

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  1. Michelle, loving this blog! Sure you don't want to open a cake shop in Houston?