Sunday, June 21, 2009

everybody's working for the "weekend"

Saturday morning I went in for 9:30 because there's always last minute things to be done before people start arriving at 10 to pick up cakes. Apparently, even full cakes can be decorated in that time period. For example, I came in and Joan had this 3-tier baby shower cake that had to be dressed up for 10 o'clock. So she iced it chocolate while I mixed up 3 shades of cornflower blue, then I did the dots, ribbon, and selected little baby accessories from Joan's tray of previously-created fondant goodies [major time saver obviously]. So in a half hour, we had this all ready to go:

Then came another drawing assignment, Joan needed a "really quick" golfer piped on for a friend's Father's Day cake. She found this one in a catalog, thought it would be funny, so passed it on to me.
Yeahhhhhhh, still working on those piping skills, especially when it's small and rushed. Please disregard those awful plaid pants and the, uh, "face," and instead focus on how his cute little fingers appear to actually wrap around the golf club. Baby steps...

Next up was a fun pink castle for a little girl [actually, a first birthday so she probably won't remember it when she's older but there will always be photos]. At this point, Joan went into her "crisis mode" trying to get a wedding cake out for delivery so she couldn't be bothered with anything, so I was completely on my own for this one, going from the photo in Joan's book. Started out as a 3-tier, iced in pink, added sugar cone turrets and iced in purple.

Added yellow trim, top turret, flowers, and complete:

At first as I was going, I had modeled this super-cool grand staircase [ok, not quite meeting building code, but still] out of icing. Then realized that according to Joan's photo, this was where the writing had to go so unfortunately had to smooth it out into a giant ramp [ADA-compliant or no?] or as we said, a giant slide. Added writing and the fancy border.

And money shot:
Still going... THEN I got to do my first wedding cake. Joan had already covered each of the 3 round cakes (red velvet this time, mmmmm) with ivory fondant. She doweled and tiered the bottom layer and let me do the top, she wrapped the ribbon on the bottom layer and let me do the top ones. Then, I got to do hundreds of tiny dots around it all. It's easy to get in a groove but you also have to stay focused because the dots start to get bigger or more out of line if you don't pay attention. So overall, not perfect, but getting there:

Veyr simple but beautiful:

And of COURSE it has to be raining when these wedding cakes had to go out for delivery, so for almost 15 minutes, Joan and Al carried these cakes from the shop out to her car trunk while I held a huge golf umbrella over each cake as it came out. Celebrity treatment much?

almost done, I promise. So at this point it;s 4:30 and Joan looks at her list - only ONE CAKE left, for both of us and then we're completely done for the week. I don't think either of us has worked that fast before [ok, she probably has but I haven't really] but we both set to getting it done as quickly as possible. We each took a chunk of green and white fondant [you mix fondant colors by adding food coloring gel or combining two colors and then just kneading it like dough it's all mixed together] and did some tag-team kneading [hers is a twisting approach, mine's more pummeling and kneading with my knuckles] until we had a nice lime green. Then I iced and prepped each layer while she rolled out the fondant and covered each cake, I doweled and smoothed... you get the picture. Another hot pink-lime green color scheme, so I worked on the stripes and circles and cutouts while she rolled lots of little fondant balls for the border. Only an hour later - we had this birthday cake - Joan will add a ribbon + bow + tag this morning to finish it off.

Finally, a Happy Father's Day shout-out to all the dads, grandfathers, uncles, etc. out there! Cakes make delicious gifts, just hope your loved ones don't bestow you with tokens of appreciation like these, these, or these. Ok, lots of cakes done this week but I'm exhausted, time to enjoy my "weekend." Ciao!

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  1. Ok as usual, I love everything, but I was especially impressed with ice cream cone turrets and love the idea of random fondant shapes laying around for future use. Also, your wedding cake (haha sounds funny) reminds me stylistically of a lot of cakes I used to see on The Cake Blog (, which I used to follow but it's sadly fallen to the wayside.