Thursday, June 4, 2009

deja vu day

First task of the day: finish up the darn backhoe, 1 hour - GO! Added the tires, dirt, and writing, and in true Michelle fashion, a panel pic from start to finish:

After this, we noticed it seemed like we were in a time warp back to last week. For the rest of the morning, I worked on another Tinkerbell cake (see below) while Joan worked on another Elmo, another penguin, and a another baby shower cake. Just like last week.... freaky...

So I got another shot at Tinkerbell, this time it was on a bigger cake and I know I had to make her (a) skinner (b) happier and (c) more appealing to little girls than last time. Overall a success, though now she looks like a seductress w/ slight Joker lips. Oh well, maybe third time will be the charm...

[L] My Tinkerbell today
[M] Joan's fix of my first Tinkerbell attempt last week

Finally, my pride and joy of the afternoon! Joan left for a hair appointment and left me with the task of piping this anime character (Dragonball Z maybe? it was based on the invitation for the party) on a big sheet cake for a lucky young boy. Lucky for him because after Dora, multiple Tinks, and hours of working with frosting, I am now more confident and competent with my character skills. Even got into some shading and clothing / hair /accessory (sunglasses + belt) detailing. So here's the progression:

Great! until that last frame - did NOT leave enough room for the 'Y' in birthday = rookie move :( so in order to avoid a Cake Wrecks feature, we added a border and the missing letter afterwards. The whole thing took 3 hours but I got an "awesome!" from Joan on her return from the hair salon. Yessss.

On my plate for the rest of the week: electric guitar, Stanley Cup, and the "One Ring to Rule Them All" from Lord of the Rings . . . time to Google Image search? I think so.

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  1. Oooh, I can't wait for a LOTR ring...and that's so cool that you're getting comfortable with characters...I love the Tink progression. And great backhoe!