Thursday, May 28, 2009

p-p-p-poker face

so a much better day, got some more nerves and jitters out. We finished up the Ford retirement cake first and Joan stowed it away in the cake closet. No pictures though, sorry, oh well - there's better to come.

Really muggy and humid this morning so I had to be careful not to drip sweat onto the fondant as I rolled it out for the next project: a giant poker table for Josh's dad's birthday. We got quite the assembly line going: another woman, Val, had prepped (read: baked, carved, and iced) the cake yesterday, Joan covered it with green and black fondant this morning, and passed it off to me for all the details. Joan had gotten playing cards printed onto edible paper, which I backed with fondant, and then cookie-cut and textured 40 poker chips. All in all, it's sharp and fun and definitely gave me a confidence boost.

And this set-up reminds me of a surgeon's tray:

Towards the end of the day, Joan's husband set out to make a new batch of buttercream frosting. Oh you know, 67 pounds of it. 25 pounds of Crisco + 42 pounds of powdered sugar + the special flavoring from Yonkers. Uh, yeah, that's a lot of frosting. And it's mixed in this huge vat behind my workstation, the vat is about 24" in diameter and the mixer blade is probably bigger than my head (refer to the tray in the right photo for scale). For the next few days, we all scoop out of here for our frosting needs and even though it ends up going on lots of cake for lots of people, the amount just blows my mind.

Ok, that's it for now. Gotta go Google Image Search to prepare for my Darth Vader cake in the morning...


  1. The Darth Vader cake cliffhanger makes me so excited. As does this whole you-having-a-job-as a-cake-mistress-and-having-a-blog-about-it thing. =)

  2. This is amazing. =)